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Eternalism in the Brahmajala Sutta

The Brahmajala Sutta is the first sutta collected in the Digha Nikaya, thought by many to be among the oldest collections of the Pali Canon. T.W. Rhys Davids, the founder of the Pali Text Society (PTS) and the editor of … Continue reading

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Denial of the Atman – The Alagaddupama Sutta

The Alagaddupama Sutta is one of the few suttas in the Pali Canon in which Reverend Gotama appears to explicitly deny the atta (Pali) or atman (Sanskrit) as the Great Soul of the Upanishads. Richard Gombrich, Oxford Pali and Sanskrit … Continue reading

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The Potthapada Sutta – The Soul Theory

The Potthapada Sutta is the ninth sutta in the Digha Nikaya, the collection of long discourses of the Pali Canon. It is contained in the Sila Khandha Vagga, the first 13 suttas, all of which contain reference to the Silas … Continue reading

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The Anatta Lakkhana Sutta – The Second Discourse

The Anatta Lakkhana or Non-Self Attributes Sutta (Anattalakkhanasuttam, SN, III, 22, 59 (7)) is tucked away in a far corner of the Samyutta Nikaya. This very short text is a description of an address given to Reverend Gotama’s five Sakyan … Continue reading

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Was Pyrrho a Buddhist? Bett on Pyrrho

Richard Bett, in his book, Pyrrho His Antecedents and His Legacy (2000, Oxford University Press) has outlined the philosophical thread of ancient Greek scepticism from Pyrrho of Elis through Anesidemus to Sextus Empiricus. As the title indicates, Bett addresses the … Continue reading

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Aristotle’s Future Contingents

Susan Haack in her book Deviant Logic argues that Aristotle in his famous passage about future contingents commits a modal fallacy. Let’s look at Aristotle’s whole argument in Chapter 9 of de Interpretatione, paragraph by paragraph. He starts out saying: … Continue reading

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Review of Haack, Deviant Logic

Deviant Logic is based on the work Susan Haack completed for a PhD dissertation at Cambridge University. The book was published by Cambridge University Press in 1974. It is a brave book that provides penetrating critiques of some of the … Continue reading

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