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Review of Haack, Deviant Logic
Aristotle’s Future Contingents
Was Pyrrho a Buddhist? Bett on Pyrrho
The Anatta Lakkhana Sutta – The Second Discourse
The Potthapada Sutta – The Soul Theory
Denial of the Atman – The Alagaddupama Sutta
Eternalism in the Brahmajala Sutta
The Refuge Passage from the Mahaparinibbana Sutta
The First Discourse – Setting in Motion the Wheel of Dhamma
Investing in Gold
Popper on the Mind Body Problem
Austin and Past Lives – a Mishmash
Gotama on Free Will and Determinism
Drill Baby Drill
The Way of Doxa
It Depends on What the Meaning of the Word ‘Is’ Is
Karl Popper on Metaphysical Realism and Bi-valence
Why Marx Was Right
Economics for Sceptics – Modern Political Economics
Vlastos on Socrates
Graham Priest’s Inclosure Schema
David Foster Wallace on Fate, Time, and Language
Karl Polanyi’s Great Transformation
Why Economists Fail
The Soul
On the Economic Theory of Socialism by Oskar Lange (An Outline Summary)
GE Moore and the Cambridge Apostles
Bad Samaritans
The Republican’s “Big Idea” Is a Bald-faced and Cynical Lie
A Sceptical Defense of Rights
Odd Economics
Plato’s Theory of Ideas (or Forms)
Tibetan Prayer Flags and the Five Buddha Families
Falling Rate of Profit?
Why Hegel?
The Progress of Philosophy
Piketty’s Capital
Do Contradictions Imply Everything?
Garry Wills’s Madison
Zizek’s Event
Sorabji’s Self
Proudhon and His Critics
Thoughts on the Labor Theory of Value
Free Market Fool
Resolution of the Paradox
A Rational Case for Panic